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Erin Gargan King is an Amazon #1 best-selling author, former World Champion Irish Step Dancer, and digital persuasion expert. She sold her first two companies, Jump Digital Media and PMS.com before the age of 30. In 2010, she founded Socialite Agency, a social media firm whose clients include The Oscars, ABC/Disney, VISA, Target, Siemens, Hitachi and others. She is the author of Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace. Erin helps sales, marketing and event professionals attract attention and increase influence by becoming more effective digital communicators.

From the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, gain exclusive insight on top exhibition trends specifically in healthcare. Equip yourself on how you can sell change to your leadership and important stakeholders based on industry data, and how you and your company can create an impact and evolve to keep up with the needs of the ever-changing healthcare industry.
Speaker: Cathy Breden, CEIR

Join us as healthcare professionals discuss what most of us in convention marketing often wonder. Specialists from various disciplines will share their experiences and thoughts. How do physicians prefer to be enticed to visit the congress exhibition to learn? How much time do they a lot to visiting exhibitors? How do they choose which congresses to attend? What questions would you like to hear answered?

Legislative Trends for Pharma Representatives
In the name of the opioid crisis, there is a trend to propose legislation in cities and states monitoring activity between pharmaceutical representatives and prescribing physicians. Some are proposing overarching restrictions on pharma activities that may increase challenges for medical meeting planners. Hear from four destinations that have had legislation proposed, passed or defeated, and what it might mean for meetings and conventions. • Chicago • Philadelphia • Nevada • Las Vegas
Speaker: Bonnie Grant, PHL Life Sciences

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare Events
Several major changes are coming to the nature and structure of healthcare events at an accelerating pace. Healthcare attendee expectations are rapidly evolving and being shaped by the daily experiences outside of events and exhibitions. This session will explore the top five trends impacting healthcare events such as Education 4.0, Better by Design, Purpose-driven Leadership, Collaborative Communities, and Immersive Experience.
Speaker: David Saef, Freeman, Steve Coldiron, Freeman

Leveraging Data to Increase Revenue and Retention
In 2017, 2018 and continuing in 2019, the American Thoracic Society (ATS) embarked upon the use of marketing automation, geo-fencing, attendee beacon tracking, web-based audience response and surveys, increased mobile functionality, profile based notifications and more to enhance the association and conference value and engagement. Hear the ATS story, learn new tactics, learn about the technologies and platforms and benefit from the lessons learned as ATS moves forward for the 3rd year.
Speaker: Stacy McMannus, American Thoracic Society, Kevin Novak, American Thoracic Society

Challenge the Status Quo: 19 Years of Data
This session will reveal a unique, 360-degree view of the workings of our industry, including the politics and power underpinning the predominant models. Exhibitors are the least powerful group in the face-to-face ecosystem yet almost entirely responsible for revenue from trade shows and events. Without their robust participation, the industry would disappear. This session asks: Is the current model sustainable?
Speaker: Amanda Helgemoe, Nuvista, Sue Huff, Medtronic, Gregg Lapin, American Association of Diabetes Educators

Compliance and Innovation in Commercial Funding
Commercial companies can help fund educational activities that are vital to physicians. However, the debate surrounding industry’s role in Continuing Medical Education continues. This session will provide an overview of the ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support, discuss case scenarios regarding compliance, and explore various funding models. Understanding the parameters around funding is critical to continued collaboration and innovation between industry and medical education.
Speaker: Suvina Sallan, American College of Surgeons

Measurement: Climbing the Mountain
Let’s be honest; trade show measurement is daunting! It’s like standing at the bottom of a mountain and looking up at the top. But never fear, support has arrived. This session will show you how to climb to the peak of successful measurement. Learn why measurement is important, what to measure, and how to measure it. Leave with a mountain climber’s toolkit you can use to help you get to the top of your program’s measurement mountain.
Speakers: Stephanie Coupland, 3D Exhibits, Michael Seymour, 3D Exhibits

Crossing the Carpet Line in a World of Borderless Healthcare: How exhibit planners today can capitalize on the new realities of global engagement and learning.

While the world grapples with GDPR and awaits the outcome of Brexit, myriad other forces are reshaping the global healthcare convention landscape and are having a big impact on how pharma/biotech/device marketers go to market.

This session is designed to help you be a more informed convention professional and a more strategic resource to your internal commercial and medical stakeholders. We’ll cover topics including:

  • How social media is rendering geography and cultural differences less important than ever, and it emboldens HCPs to pursue off-label use.
  • Why a new generation of millennial healthcare providers are looking beyond professional associations for new, credible information.
  • How technological advances in medical training and HCPs’ increasing sensitivity to “fake news” are driving marketers to rethink their traditional approach to engagement at congresses.
  • Why US-based companies are often choosing to initially launch outside the US, while looking at patient centricity through a global lens.
  • How Brexit, regardless of the outcome, could be a huge opportunity for exhibitors and show organizers.

Speakers: Jon Ellms, AccessTCA, Michael Young, BiomedwoRx,  Gerry Montgomery, If it Was Easy

Understand the New HCP to Make Your Brand Resonate
Technology, social trends, and healthcare market dynamics have changed what physicians want and expect in a convention exhibit experience. This session will review these dynamics and discuss how your company can better attract, engage and positively impact HCPs at conventions — all while being compliant. We’ll use industry data, focus group results, and case studies — as well as insights from our unique key opinion leaders — to help you improve your company’s convention performance.
Speaker: James Morris, Impact XM and Steve Mapes, Impact XM

Power of Digital to Establish Thought Leadership
“Thought leadership” has become a big buzzword. But what does it mean within the context of a convention marketing program? In this session, borrow a page from Elsevier Clinical Solution’s HIMSS 2019 digital playbook. Learn how the team experimented with new ideas to build awareness and elevate their industry position – even before the launch of their new solution. Hear tips and lessons learned for incorporating thought leadership into all aspects of a convention marketing program.
Speaker: Kristen Heitman, TPG Trade Show & Event Marketing, Jean Howard, TPG Trade Show & Event Marketing, Colleen McMahon, Elsevier Clinical Solutions, Mary Anne Abbruzzo-White, Elsevier Clinical Solutions

Lifehacks for Busy Event Professionals!
Life is short, and you’re constantly being asked to do more with less. In this session, we will share apps and productivity tips to help you and your events team untether from your manual workflows and desktop. Come learn how you can automate actions so you get more time for your day, work efficiently on the road so work doesn’t pile up and find new apps that can help with your workflow.
Speaker: Dahlia El Gazzar, Dahlia Plus

Pirates! How to Protect Your Meeting
Pirates! In the digital world, they are everywhere and they are robbing you blind. Learn about their tactics and how to protect yourself, your attendees, your exhibitors, and your sponsors from falling into their traps.
Speaker: Patricia Andrade, ABTS Convention Services, Angel Napolitano, ABTS Convention Services

Link Medical Affairs Activities to Exhibit Content
The strong links between Pre-Market Communication and clinician comprehension cannot be overstated. This session discusses potential efforts and activities that the Medical Affairs group can coordinate and undertake with other colleagues responsible for the execution of company exhibitions, to create a memorable, effective, credible and engaging corporate scientific presence at global medical conferences.
Speaker: Tim Day, Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC

Event Marketing in a GDPR World
Are you worried that GDPR will hav an impact on the ROI of your event marketing program? Whether it’s trade shows you attend or events you organize, learn how properly managing data privacy provides an opportunity to market how marketing should be- on the basis of trust. Live events are the perfect vehicle to earn that trust. This session will breakdown the facts (and bust a few common myths) about GDPR and the impact to your live event marketing strategy.
Speaker: McNeel Keenan, Cvent

Technology Trends & Best Practices
In this presentation, Kyle Baldwin and George Judy of Catalyst Exhibits, will talk about the relationship between designing effective spaces, and leveraging different technologies to create meaningful branded experiences. This session will specifically discuss: • Setting goals for an exhibit • The different types of technology being used to activate spaces • Best practices for content development • Budgeting between booth, services, and technology
Speaker: Kyle Baldwin, Catalyst Exhibits, George Judy, Catalyst Exhibits

Delivering & Measuring Experiences that Matter
Are you challenged with creating truly engaging experiences for your audiences in the pharmaceutical space that also drive mensurable returns to your marketing budget? If so, join Derse for an hour of inspiration and applicable ideas to get more measurable results out of your brand touch points. The session will balance the quantitative (best practices on the ROI and ROO of live experiences) with some qualitative flash (best practices on creating emotionally resonant and relevant experiences).
Speaker: Rick Stoner, Derse

Better Brainstorming: Create Conditions to Innovate
Developing creative and compliant marketing strategies and tactics is no easy task. Success often starts with brainstorming. We’ll cover brainstorming techniques for all project types – whether starting from the ground up or generating new ideas to innovate. We’ll walk through a brainstorm blueprint to put the ideas into practice for HCEAinnovate 2020. Participants will understand how to formulate a brainstorm session that inspires practical new ideas and actionable improvement strategies.
Speaker: Anne Trompeter, Live Marketing

Our Industry’s Future Workforce….Do they know we exist?

Key Objectives

  1. Identify ways to discover talent for your organization
  2. Discover ways to build trust/relationships with future talent
  3. The positive impact this can have on your brand and our industry

Speaker: Rusty Wooten, Wooten Group

Small Yet Mighty: Exhibitors with Outside Influence
How does the small fry not just get by but THRIVE? Learn from tales on the front line from small exhibitors who have generated outsize results. This session will share insights and stories about small exhibitors who have generated buzz, connected with key healthcare professionals, and created more interactions than their footprint might suggest. Want to do learn how to do more with less? Learn from these proven performers.
Speaker: David Saef, Freeman

How to Increase International Attendance
US meetings are losing international attendees. Meanwhile, Europe has seen an increase in international attendance. This session focuses our loss in international attendance and what we can do to mitigate issues and welcome more attendees. We will focus the political environment in the US, the regulatory environment abroad, the leveling of science levels across borders, and the price competition from meetings held outside the US.
Speaker: Angel Napolitano, ABTS Convention Services

Choose Your Reality: What XR Technology Makes Sense
No longer seen just as fun-consumer toys, emerging XR technologies like augmented (AR), virtual (VR) and mixed reality (MR) offer tremendous potential and value for healthcare convention marketers. So what reality is best for your convention marketing program? In this session, we’ll break down the current state of each of these technologies and explain how marketers can take advantage of these tools within their healthcare convention marketing programs.
Speaker: Gary Taylor, LiveMarketing, Dave Stamm, Stamm Media & Stamm Technology

The (HE)ART of Storytelling for Impact
STORYTELLNG FOR IMPACT, a 45-60-minute session, will cover the following concepts: – How effective storytelling can move you from the sidelines to getting you “in the -game” – You have a story worth telling. It is within you. Tell it. – People remember stories more than statistics…hold them with your well-crafted story – Listeners want to go on the journey with you. Build a roadmap.Take them. – How to use your authentic voice for a great benefit.
Speaker: Eileen Sweeney, Humankind Partnership