We are excited to announce that HCEAConnect will be in Miami, FL in 2019!
Save the date for Saturday, August 17-Tuesday, August 20, 2019.

Hope to see you there.


Apply for our 2019 HCEAConnect Scholarship Program here by Wednesday, May 1.  Winners will be announced by Friday, May 10.

Speakers Include:

Speaker Name Speaker Organization Session Title Session Description
Bonnie Grant PHL Life Sciences Legislative Trends for Pharma Representatives In the name of the opioid crisis, there is a trend to propose legislation in cities and states monitoring activity between pharmaceutical representatives and prescribing physicians. Some are proposing overarching restrictions on pharma activities that may increase challenges for medical meeting planners. Hear from four destinations that have had legislation proposed, passed or defeated, and what it might mean for meetings and conventions. • Chicago • Philadelphia • Nevada • Las Vegas
Dominick Albano Freeman 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare Events Several major changes are coming to the nature and structure of healthcare events at an accelerating pace. Healthcare attendee expectations are rapidly evolving and being shaped by the daily experiences outside of events and exhibitions. This session will explore the top five trends impacting healthcare events such as Education 4.0, Better by Design, Purpose-driven Leadership, Collaborative Communities, and Immersive Experience.
Kevin Novak Thoracic Leveraging Data to Increase Revenue and Retention In 2017, 2018 and continuing in 2019, the American Thoracic Society (ATS) embarked upon the use of marketing automation, geo-fencing, attendee beacon tracking, web-based audience response and surveys, increased mobile functionality, profile based notifications and more to enhance the association and conference value and engagement. Hear the ATS story, learn new tactics, learn about the technologies and platforms and benefit from the lessons learned as ATS moves forward for the 3rd year.
Pat Friedlander Access TCA Challenge the Status Quo:19 Years of Data This session will reveal a unique, 360-degree view of the workings of our industry, including the politics and power underpinning the predominant models. Exhibitors are the least powerful group in the face-to-face ecosystem yet almost entirely responsible for revenue from trade shows and events. Without their robust participation, the industry would disappear. This session asks: Is the current model sustainable?
Suvina Sallan FACS Compliance and Innovation in Commercial Funding Commercial companies can help fund educational activities that are vital to physicians. However, the debate surrounding industry’s role in Continuing Medical Education continues. This session will provide an overview of the ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support, discuss case scenarios regarding compliance, and explore various funding models. Understanding the parameters around funding is critical to continued collaboration and innovation between industry and medical education.
Lisa Sinicki 3D Exhibits, Inc. Understand The New HCP to Make Your Brand Resonate Technology, social trends, and healthcare market dynamics have changed what physicians want and expect in a convention exhibit experience. This session will review these dynamics and discuss how your company can better attract, engage and positively impact HCPs at conventions — all while being compliant. We’ll use industry data, focus group results, and case studies — as well as insights from our unique key opinion leaders — to help you improve your company’s convention performance.
Jean Howard TPG Trade Show & Event Marketing Power of Digital to Establish Thought Leadership “Thought leadership” has become a big buzzword. But what does it mean within the context of a convention marketing program? In this session, borrow a page from Elsevier Clinical Solution’s HIMSS 2019 digital playbook. Learn how the team experimented with new ideas to build awareness and elevate their industry position – even before the launch of their new solution. Hear tips and lessons learned for incorporating thought leadership into all aspects of a convention marketing program.
Dahlia El Gazzar Dahlia Plus Lifehacks for Busy Event Professionals! Life is short, and you’re constantly being asked to do more with less. In this session, we will share apps and productivity tips to help you and your events team untether from your manual workflows and desktop. Come learn how you can automate actions so you get more time for your day, work efficiently on the road so work doesn’t pile up and find new apps that can help with your workflow.
Andrew Snyder Synder Catalyst Maximize Your Creative Output Identify and unlock your creativity – and that of your colleagues – to up your level of innovation. Put fear in its place and take risks. Learn to run through it, risk looking like a fool, figure stuff out as you go – with others. Creativity is everywhere. Tune in. Listen. Look.. At the ballpark, dinner at friends, on the train, at a playground. Fresh design and thinking are everywhere. Loosen up your filters and you’ll be amazed at all that surrounds you.
Sandy Jones-Kaminski Maximizing Mentoring Success This session/talk will provide a refresher on how to make the most of both the mentor and mentee roles in any mentoring relationship. Today, mentoring is an important tool that can be critical to developing leadership skills and taking any career to the next level. Providing mentees with a trusted adviser enables them to grow their network, overcome challenges creatively and see things from another perspective and in many ways, mentoring can be a mutually beneficial partnership.
Patricia Andrade ABTS Convention Services Pirates! How to protect your meeting. Pirates! In the digital world, they are everywhere and they are robbing you blind. Learn about their tactics and how to protect yourself, your attendees, your exhibitors, and your sponsors from falling into their traps.
Tim Day Innovative Strategic Communications LLC Link Medical Affairs Activities to Exhibit Content The strong links between Pre-Market Communication and clinician comprehension cannot be overstated. This session discusses potential efforts and activities that the Medical Affairs group can coordinate and undertake with other colleagues responsible for the execution of company exhibitions, to create a memorable, effective, credible and engaging corporate scientific presence at global medical conferences.
McNeel Keenan Cvent Event Marketing in a GDPR World Are you worried that GDPR will hav an impact on the ROI of your event marketing program? Whether it’s trade shows you attend or events you organize, learn how properly managing data privacy provides an opportunity to market how marketing should be- on the basis of trust. Live events are the perfect vehicle to earn that trust. This session will breakdown the facts (and bust a few common myths) about GDPR and the impact to your live event marketing strategy.
Roy Drinkwater Catalyst Exhibits Technology Trends & Best Practices In this presentation, Kyle Baldwin and George Judy of Catalyst Exhibits, will talk about the relationship between designing effective spaces, and leveraging different technologies to create meaningful branded experiences. This session will specifically discuss: • Setting goals for an exhibit • The different types of technology being used to activate spaces • Best practices for content development • Budgeting between booth, services, and technology
Rick Stoner Derse Delivering & Measuring Experiences That Matter Are you challenged with creating truly engaging experiences for your audiences in the pharmaceutical space that also drive mensurable returns to your marketing budget? If so, join Derse for an hour of inspiration and applicable ideas to get more measurable results out of your brand touch points. The session will balance the quantitative (best practices on the ROI and ROO of live experiences) with some qualitative flash (best practices on creating emotionally resonant and relevant experiences).
Kristin Veach Live Marketing Better Brainstorming: Create Conditions to Innovate Developing creative and compliant marketing strategies and tactics is no easy task. Success often starts with brainstorming. We’ll cover brainstorming techniques for all project types – whether starting from the ground up or generating new ideas to innovate. We’ll walk through a brainstorm blueprint to put the ideas into practice for HCEAinnovate 2020. Participants will understand how to formulate a brainstorm session that inspires practical new ideas and actionable improvement strategies.



HCEAConnect brings together many of the industry’s leading healthcare exhibit marketers, medical association meeting and exhibition directors, and exhibit design, creative marketing and convention services companies.  The cornerstone of HCEAConnect is healthcare-specific education delivered through creative, interactive delivery systems.  Thought leaders in the industry will share their expertise and knowledge, and attendees will  “learn from each other” at expanded roundtable and networking events. 

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