“Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare: How They are Changing Your Customers and What You Can Do Now”

We are in the latter part of a decade that started with the iPhone 3, the launch of the iPad, and the introduction of the mass-market electric car, the Chevy Volt.  As you pick up your iPhone X, you know both the VOLUME of new technology and the VELOCITY of innovation is so rapidly changing the profiles and preferences of your buying clients and their target customers that some days, it’s just hard to keep up much less be best-in-class. It seems as if you blink and something changes.

To give this more perspective, ask yourself:  how are you addressing the fact that over 65 million Americans who have disposable income and are nearly old enough to vote weren’t born before 9/11?  Or that while you were reading this today, 10,000 Baby Boomers in America retired and 10,000 more will retire every day this year?  Are you integrating virtual assistants like Amazon Echo which are estimated, at this year’s CES, to ring up $3.8 Billion in sales just three years after consumer launch? Forget “You’ve Got Mail.”  Hello, “Alexa”!

What are you doing to be relevant, useful, and connected to your target customers? How does your convention marketing, your educational strategy, your exhibit product reflect this rapidly evolving customer ecosystem? We’ll explore these impacts and some of the top disruptive innovations in healthcare on Sunday, February 25 at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay during HCEA Innovate. Be there and don’t blink.


Michael YoungMichael Young, BiomedwoRx: Life Sciences Consulting

Michael is an accomplished, biopharmaceutical executive with award-winning marketing and commercial operations credentials. He directs a C-level consultancy that creates and deploys solutions for healthcare and life science organizations who want to do good things while doing quite well.

His recent work has focused on the improvement of clinical patient recruitment through disruptive digital technologies and solving e-learning issues facing clinical trial professionals.

He has previously held Vice President roles at Klick Health (Digital Health), PAREXEL International (global CRO), and PPD (global CRO). Michael also pioneered a global Alliance Management capability for Eisai and spent eleven years leading Strategic Marketing at biotech start-up, Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. where he oversaw the development, registration, and launch of five novel cancer drugs. His commercial career also includes sales management, marketing, and new product development positions at GSK, Adria Laboratories, and Bayer.

Among his credentials, Michael was named Medical Marketer of the Year by the Medical Marketing Association and served as President of the national organization. He serves on the board of directors of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation and advises several other patient advocacy groups. Michael received his undergraduate degree from Kenyon College and did his graduate work at The Ohio State University. Michael and his family live in San Diego, CA.

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