Be A Part of HCEA’s Roadmap to Success!
Published June 2016


It’s been a time of amazing change, progress, and vision for HCEA.  As many of you know, in less than a year, the organization has changed management companies, changed the month of our annual meeting in order to better accommodate member’s schedules, changed  and updated our website and database platforms, and the list goes on.  Additionally, your board and staff have been doing so much more behind the scenes that we’d like to update you on as well as challenge you to a call to action.

In January during our Summit, the HCEA Board gathered in Chicago to write an actionable business plan to set the course for 2016 and 2017.  As a result, HCEA now has a clear vision and strategic plan that outlines the mission of the organization, including who we represent and why.  We are continuing to develop a detailed roadmap of how to accomplish our goals with clearly defined timelines and success measures. A plan, is just a plan, however, unless it can be successfully executed, and I am confident that, as an organization, HCEA has built momentum to drive the organization toward its vision of the future.

The Business Plan
The business plan clearly sets out short-term activities (0- 6 months), medium-term activities (6 -12 months), and long-term activities (12 – 18 months) in the following areas:

  1. Drive Membership Growth & Enhance Value
  2. Evaluate Existing , and Develop New,  Programs and Services
  3. Increase Engagement in In-Person Meetings (Summit and Annual Conference)
  4. Broaden Reach & Add Value via Communications

The Business Plan ensures the appropriate people are focusing on all key areas in tandem, so that the whole organization is moving forward. The short-, medium-, and long-term goals support integrated progress so that we see continued and significant progress through the end of 2017.

Progress Updates
We are pleased that this business plan has provided the framework and direction for HCEA.  During the past six months, we have made some tremendous advances. Several activities we would like to share with you:

  1. Become a 365 day a year association by providing education through online platforms and not just at our two in-person meetings.  With that we have hosted our first virtual association roundtable as well as two webinars all of which are at no expense to HCEA members.
  2. Revamped our annual conference with a stronger brand name and ensuring education is truly focused on the needs and quite frankly the challenges that our regular and associate members face.
  3. Engage with our members regularly by sending specific and targeted communications and news to our members.

Be Part of the Future
When you read the Business Plan, you will see there are ambitious goals and an aggressive schedule. Immediate and long-term advances need to be made in each area. HCEA needs to come together – leadership, members, and staff – to accomplish these goals. We are at a critical juncture in the life of this organization, and we have a solid plan to transform HCEA, but it requires the involvement of every one. As you review the business plan, think about how you can make an impact on HCEA’s progress. Consider committee involvement, member recruitment, thought-leadership, content development… how you can share your time and expertise to help HCEA evolve into the organization we all need?  If you have an interest in participating in any of these initiatives, please reach out to me, or any of our board members.

Amy Lotz, HCEA Executive Director, and the entire HCEA Board of Directors are here to help plug you into how you can make the biggest impact.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Savannah in August!

Christine Farmer
HCEA President