HCEA uniquely combines three key member groups representing over 500 companies and medical associations that work together to improve healthcare exhibit marketing, medical meetings and exhibitions. The interactions between healthcare exhibitors, medical associations and industry suppliers are critical to the success of all three groups, and HCEA provides our member companies with significant benefits across all sectors. Don’t miss your opportunity to increase your company’s knowledge of the healthcare convention industry.

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Help spread the word about HCEA! Share this HCEA Membership Flyer on your association’s website and your personal social media pages, forward to your industry colleagues or even print to include in your exhibitor’s onsite materials. This flyer highlights the mission of HCEA and why our three distinct membership types work together to advance the needs of one another, and improve the entire environment of medical meetings and exhibitions. Get people excited about HCEA and encourage them to get involved!

There’s a Membership for Everyone:

Corporate Membership

Corporate Member companies manufacture and distribute products and services used or prescribed by the healthcare profession. These companies include pharmaceutical, medical device and equipment, biotech, biomedical, hospitals and other healthcare product and service companies. They are represented by corporate exhibit managers, corporate meetings and convention managers, marketing directors and sales executives.

All members have access to HCEA’s Medical Meetings Calendar that displays multiple events, such as annual meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops being presented throughout the healthcare community. Members can also submit events to be advertised on our calendar.

Corporate Membership Dues*
$500 Million+                  $895
$50-$500 Million           $795
$20 to $50 Million         $695
Less than $20 Million    $395

Association Membership

Association Members are healthcare associations and societies, medical conference organizers and association management companies that manage medical associations and societies. They are represented by executive directors, exhibition mangers, meeting managers and industry relations managers.

HCEA offers multiple Association Roundtables throughout the year that are focused on discussing topics that are relevant to associations and their healthcare issues. This is popular Association Member benefit that allows participants to shape the conversation and discuss what interests them.

Association Membership Dues*
$20 Million+                      $695
$5-$20 Million                 $595
Less than $5 Million       $495
AMC Rate                         $695

Industry Partner Membership

Industry Partner Members represent companies that provide products and services to healthcare exhibitors, medical associations and medical show organizers. Industry Partner member companies include exhibit builders and designers, event marketers, general service contractors, convention and visitor bureaus, I & D, hotels, premium manufacturers, destination management companies, transportation and logistics providers, marketing and design agencies, multimedia firms, and many others.

All HCEA members have access to the Buyer’s Guide, a resource for all the products and services of our Industry Partner members. Members can search for their exact needs and have direct access to Industry Partner Member’s company information.

Industry Partner Membership Dues*
$20 Million+                    $895
$5-$20 Million                $795
Less than $5 Million      $695

*Membership dues are based on the gross revenue of your company.