Becoming a member of HCEA is one of the greatest rewards a company can give themselves. Share the benefits of an HCEA membership with your colleagues through the Member-Get-A-Member Campaign!

By recruiting new members to join, you not only help strengthen HCEA but you help grow the healthcare convention network. There is power in numbers and increased HCEA membership means increased opportunities for you and your company.

There is no better promoter of HCEA membership than you! With this being said, we are offering one free registration to our 2017 HCEAConnect to the individual who brings in the most memberships by July 14, 2017.

Here’s How You Win:
  • Each new member will fill out the HCEA membership application and include the current individual HCEA member’s name in the “Referred By” section of the form.
  • The individual whose name appears the most on the submitted HCEA membership application forms before by July 14, 2017 will receive a FREE registration to 2017 HCEAConnect! All membership categories will count.
  • To be considered a winner, each individual must refer at least 2 new members to HCEA.
Invite Your Peers to Join HCEA:

Do you have a vast network of potential members but aren’t sure how to approach them? Here are some suggestions to help you during your outreach to potential members and how you can encourage them to join HCEA:

  • Have copies of the HCEA membership flyer with you during your meetings. The HCEA membership flyer breaks down each membership type and gives examples of HCEA membership.
  • Invite potential members to the next HCEA Meet Up where they can network with HCEA members and hear why they find membership so valuable.
  • Share your copy of the latest HCEA News so that they can get a taste of the education and opportunities that are surrounding HCEA.
  • Direct potential members to the HCEA website where they can browse through all of the educational offerings, networking opportunities and additional member benefits.
About HCEA

The Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association (HCEA) is a trade association representing organizations united by a common desire to increase the impact and quality of healthcare conventions and exhibitions as an educational and marketing medium. HCEA strives to improve the effectiveness and promote the value of all conventions, meetings and exhibitions for the healthcare industry 365 days a year.

What is the value of being an HCEA member?

Hear what our current members are saying about the value of an HCEA membership:

  • “HCEA membership provides a unique opportunity to collaborate and plan. It is the only forum for us to come together as healthcare experts.” – Jeannie Wert, Siemens Healthcare
  • “AACN has been a HCEA member for more than 25 years. We receive great value from HCEA education, as well as legislative and regulatory updates. We can network with association peers, customers and suppliers. It’s a great organization to bring all parts of industry together.” – Randy Bauler, CEM American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
  • “Some of my best and most beneficial experiences have come from networking and learning from friends and peers who are HCEA members at HCEA events. It just makes a difference on the level of communication, the personal, true sharing of best practices, and understanding what is keeping my friends up at night, as well as how they deal with the challenges. Immeasurable value. Instantly applicable practices, perfectly aligned with the healthcare sector. HCEA is the only place to learn like this. And information is available 365/24/7.” – Michael Seymour, 3D Exhibits
  • “HCEA is a unique organization which brings together three member types, Corporate, Associations and Industry Partners. It creates a forum where all three types can meet and talk freely as colleagues and friends.” – Kyle Wood, Group Delphi
  • Watch our member testimonials.