Our Industry’s Future Workforce….Do they know we exist?

Key Objectives

  1. Identify ways to discover talent for your organization
  2. Discover ways to build trust/relationships with future talent
  3. The positive impact this can have on your brand and our industry , Randal Acker

SpeakerRusty Wooten, Wooten GroupRandal Acker, EXHIBITOR Media Group

Small Yet Mighty: Exhibitors with Outside Influence
How does the small fry not just get by but THRIVE? Learn from tales on the front line from small exhibitors who have generated outsize results. This session will share insights and stories about small exhibitors who have generated buzz, connected with key healthcare professionals, and created more interactions than their footprint might suggest. Want to do learn how to do more with less? Learn from these proven performers.

Speaker: David Saef, Freeman

How to Increase International Attendance
US meetings are losing international attendees. Meanwhile, Europe has seen an increase in international attendance. This session focuses our loss in international attendance and what we can do to mitigate issues and welcome more attendees. We will focus the political environment in the US, the regulatory environment abroad, the leveling of science levels across borders, and the price competition from meetings held outside the US.

SpeakerAngel Napolitano, ABTS Convention Services

Choose Your Reality: What XR Technology Makes Sense
No longer seen just as fun-consumer toys, emerging XR technologies like augmented (AR), virtual (VR) and mixed reality (MR) offer tremendous potential and value for healthcare convention marketers. So what reality is best for your convention marketing program? In this session, we’ll break down the current state of each of these technologies and explain how marketers can take advantage of these tools within their healthcare convention marketing programs.

Speaker: Gary Taylor, LiveMarketingDave Stamm, Stamm Media & Stamm Technology

The (HE)ART of Storytelling for Impact
STORYTELLNG FOR IMPACT, a 45-60-minute session, will cover the following concepts: – How effective storytelling can move you from the sidelines to getting you “in the -game” – You have a story worth telling. It is within you. Tell it. – People remember stories more than statistics…hold them with your well-crafted story – Listeners want to go on the journey with you. Build a roadmap.Take them. – How to use your authentic voice for a great benefit.

SpeakerEileen Sweeney, Humankind Partnership

Brainstorming: What’s Missing from your Current Exhibitor and Sponsor Support Plans?
Exhibitors and sponsors are crucial to the success of any trade show. Some are thriving; however, many exhibitors and sponsors don’t feel valued or taken care of and, worse, if they return, it’s only because they “can’t not…” Fortunately, you can change this! Event organizers – in this new, interactive session, let’s brainstorm new ways to support your exhibitors and sponsors (especially those who need your help the most) so that they not only “have” to return, but “want” to.

Specifically, we will:
– Identify exhibitors and sponsors who may be overlooked and underserved at your trade shows
– List opportunities to provide better support to more of your exhibitors and sponsors, even if your time/budget/staff is limited
– Outline simple action steps you can take right away along with relevant resources to support your efforts

Speaker: Robyn Davis, When I Need Help