A Hu-Machine Revolution – The Next Era of Modern Marketing

The rapid metamorphosis and digital dynamism of modern marketing impacts all industries without prejudice. All equally face the pros and cons of increased speeds and feeds, globalized perspectives, greater consumer intelligence and empowerment, and the risky intimacy of deep data and shared media.

How each industry responds is on its own terms and timetable – approaching the uniqueness of each challenge, leveraging the uniqueness of each opportunity. In this high-tech, content-rich era, man and machine will continue to meld into a complex array of new systems and tools. For us to succeed, we must see our progress as human beings as inextricably tied to technology, while holding steadfast to the qualities that maintain our humanity.

A Hu-Machine Revolution – The Next Era of Modern Marketing will be a keynote presentation grounded in discovery of this modern marketing phenomenon, intended to illuminate key factors, common pressures and unique opportunities we can anticipate facing humanity imminently – inside and beyond the healthcare industry, and relative to marketing, convention, and exhibition spaces.

This keynote will reveal tangible insights for innovation through technology and transformative practices. And, from the perspective of designers, makers and business problem-solvers, it will challenge our audiences to consider ways of seeing industry constraints as secret weapons. Through a design-thinking approach to tackling business and industry issues, the Hu-Machine Revolution might just provide us a platform for fresh and more effective ways of leveraging assets, expertise and relationships to solve modern marketing challenges.

Meet the Speaker

Ben C. Roth, Chief Creative and Strategy, Original Syndicate LLC

Designer, Creative Director and Marketing Strategist, Ben Roth, has led teams, projects and agencies in nearly all capacities throughout his more than 20-year career. From his internship with IBM back in 1992 through his roles as Chief Creative Officer and Brand Strategist, Ben has been a champion for an intelligence-led, human-first approach to strategic marketing.
He has garnered numerous industry and special awards for brands like Gatorade, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, NBC and The Home Depot. His groundbreaking work for IBM was published in 2013 by The Columbia University Press, in a book written by the Uni-versity of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, called “Solving Problems with Design Thinking.” And, he’s a self-proclaimed “disciple of experiences and experimentation.

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