It’s cool! It’s Exciting!

But What Does It Mean for Healthcare Exhibitors?

With daily updates on the latest and greatest technological breakthroughs in the event space, you could be forgiven for thinking that the exhibit world as you knew it is a thing of the past; that you had better get on board with the latest multi-media revolution, or be the laughing stock of the next medical conference. After all, who needs a plain old MOA video, when there is Virtual Reality? And why bother with a boring product theater, when Microsoft’s HoloLens will soon enable us to convert the entire booth into a truly augmented landscape?

It is true that new interactive media offers us amazing ways to educate audiences around disease states and brand messaging, but at the same time, we must challenge the notion that “So, what’s new and exciting?” is the right question to ask.

In HCEA’s latest whitepaper produced by Christine Farmer, Senior Director, Marketing Operations, Novo Nordisk Inc., and Hans Wernke, Vice President, Business Development, Inhance Digital, we learn more industry and agency perspectives on the use of multimedia in the exhibit space, and provide some practical tips on the optimal way to identify and use the right solution.

Download the full whitepaper “New Technology and What It Really Means for Healthcare Exhibitors” here. Please note that this is a members only resource.