Extend the Life of Your Event Investment: A Congress Strategy for Success

When it comes to making the most of the marketing budget, healthcare marketers are often asked to stretch their budgets to do more. That can pose a challenge when building a congress portfolio to market a product throughout its lifecycle, from building the pipeline pre-launch all the way through keeping a mature product top of mind.

That’s why it’s key to create a multiyear congress strategy that maximizes the impact of your marketing, allowing you to get your product positioned with the right messaging for the right audience, no matter where you are in the lifecycle.

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GES has developed a comprehensive guide to help healthcare marketers plan and implement high-impact exhibits and events. Effective face-to-face marketing thoughtfully ties marketing strategies to business objectives, while artfully connecting exhibit experiences to global healthcare audiences and brand insights. With over 50 years of experience working with top pharmaceutical companies, GES knows what it takes to stay compliant, on budget and leave an impact on your audience. Read more here.

Top 50HCEA Top 50 Largest Healthcare Meetings Report 2015

The HCEA Top 50 Medical Meetings Report was created in effort to provide the industry a point of reference to benchmark trends within its primary events. Sponsored by PHL LifeSciences and Powered by The Tradeshow Calendar, the following report surveys the Top 50 Medical Meetings from more than 853 medical meetings held in 2015. These broadly defined healthcare related events include: clinical healthcare meetings, medical trade shows, life sciences conferences, biotech conferences, healthcare technology related conferences, veterinary conferences and other healthcare-related science, research and administrative events. Download the Report Now (Members- Only Resource)

Freeman_Insights_HCEA_FINAL_Page_01Brand Experience and the Healthcare Marketing Place: Top Challenges and Opportunities

Few markets have been rocked with change as the healthcare industry over the past several years. From navigating evolving compliance and reimbursement legislation to understanding shifting patient demographics, healthcare marketers have been kept on their toes. To better understand how brand experience fits into the dynamic, ever-changing healthcare industry landscape, Freeman partnered with HCEA and Exhibit Surveys, Inc., a Freeman Company, to conduct in-depth interviews with HCEA members to identify the challenges healthcare marketers are facing in the coming year as well as the opportunities brand experience affords them to activate impactful solutions. Read more about this whitepaper. Download the Report Now (Members-Only Resource)


Jifflenow WhitepaperThe Landscape of 1:1 Meetings in the Healthcare Events Industry

Healthcare events are a cornerstone of the industry. Over the years, the healthcare industry has thrived due to the organized dissemination and sharing of information. Events have facilitated this exchange by bringing together the many different faces of the healthcare industry HCPs, pharmaceutical companies, and buyers. For healthcare businesses, 1:1 meetings at these events open multiple doors, in terms of partnerships, new revenue streams, and improved brand awareness. But the healthcare events landscape is as complex as the industry itself. The nature of healthcare events, face-to-face meetings, and the regulations associated with them make them unique within the experiential industry. In HCEA’s latest whitepaper, Jifflenow explains the different types of 1:1 interactions and identifies best practices associated with each type. Read more about this whitepaper. Download the Report Now (Members-Only Resource)


whitepaperNew Technology and What It Really Means for Healthcare Exhibitors

With daily updates on the latest and greatest technological breakthroughs in the event space, you could be forgiven for thinking that the exhibit world as you knew it is a thing of the past; that you had better get on board with the latest multimedia revolution, or be the laughing stock of the next medical conference. In HCEA’s latest whitepaper produced by Christine Farmer, Senior Director, Marketing Operations, Novo Nordisk Inc., and Hans Wernke, Vice President, Business Development, Inhance Digital, we learn more industry and agency perspectives on the use of multimedia in the exhibit space, and provide some practical tips on the optimal way to identify and use the right solution. Read more about this whitepaper. Download the Report Now (Members-Only Resource)


Whitepaper 728x410The Changing Landscape of Healthcare Events: New Audiences, New Opportunities

As healthcare exhibitions continue to grow, it is important that our industry continues to develop relevant research that highlights key factors impacting the changing landscape Freeman, the leading global provider of brand experiences, together with the Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association unveiled trends in healthcare event marketing that are helping brands engage new audiences in a new white paper titled, “The Changing Landscape of Healthcare Events: New Audiences, New Opportunities.”

Traditional healthcare events face competition from nontraditional healthcare events. As a result, healthcare event planners will need to change with the times to keep pace with cutting-edge technology and early adopters or risk losing audience and mind share. Brand marketers will need to reexamine their event portfolios to ensure that they are reaching their audiences in both traditional and nontraditional venues. Read more about this whitepaper. Download the Report Now (Members-Only Resource)


Capture HCEA State of the Industry Report Presentation

Empower yourself with 10-year+ trends on attendance, exhibits, space cost, locations and more. Broken down by meeting size categories you can benchmark your own programs or gain insight on trends for strategic planning in context to the size events you either manage or exhibit at. The HCEA State of the Industry Report Presentation also contains valuable insight from member outlook surveys so you can gauge what your peers expectations are for the coming year. Read more hereDownload the Report Now (Members-Only Resource)


icon_benchmark-reportHCEA Executive Summary Report:  Healthcare Exhibit Marketing – Benchmarking Cost, Value and
Cost, value and success have general definitions that are commonly understood by most, however when these three areas are applied to healthcare exhibit marketing, the definitions can vary widely from company to company. This report features benchmark highlights on how major healthcare exhibitors define cost, value and success metrics.
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