Millennials are doing okay during this time, right? I would say 70% of the time we’re doing great and 30% of the time we’re not so great. When it comes to technology and change, we’ve got it figured out. We’re the generation that’s grown up with technology being a part of our everyday life. From helping our parents learn Zoom or teaching our team the new digital platform at work, we’ve been forced to learn technology inside and out. Millennials are feeling a sense of being needed in a time like this because we understand most digital platforms and how to leverage them for our team. We’ve even accomplished learning Tik Tok! Change is also something millennials are handling well in a time like this. The last few years of our life we’ve gone through a lot of changes such as graduating college, moving back home or out on our own, starting a new job and even possibly starting our second job, so changing to WFH was an easy transition for us. Most millennials prefer to WFH yet being forced to do it for months on end now has been a bit of a challenge. We’ve been finding ourselves getting more distracted by social media, mid-day workouts, Netflix shows, and many other things. We’re trying our best, however there’s been some struggles along the way.

Millennials are those wide eyed, bushy tail people in the office who jump at any opportunity to learn more or try something new, but that’s become a lot harder now being at home. Starting off in your career, whether it be 4 months in or even a year and a half, you find yourself constantly earning and getting settled in. Being in the office or on the show floor gave us a chance to listen to the language people used, showed us how they handled different situations that came up, let us stop by our coworkers or bosses to ask questions on the fly, and now that’s all changed. We can’t join in on meetings to hear how others are handling things or what they’re saying to our stakeholders. We’ve had to find new ways to learn from our coworkers with more team meetings or having one-on-one video chats, although it’s not the same. Whether you believe or not, millennials miss the in-person communication. We’re getting tired of talking to a screen and look forward to the days where we are sitting in a meeting room together. With all of that said, I want to remind people millennials are resilient. Although we may be struggling in more ways than one, we’re also finding new ways to learn and grow in our career. We’re finding different online courses to take and watching insightful videos to learn more about our self and our profession. Below are a few links to courses, tests and people to follow to assist you in growing personally and or professionally.

All in all, millennials are taking this pandemic day by day and will come out of this time stronger than ever. I’ll leave you with this, make sure to check-in on the millennials you work with and if you need new show recommendations, help with technology or want to learn the new Tik Tok dance, slide into our DMs!