June 9th, 2020

“So much more than just pajama bottoms”A blog on working from home tips

Written By : Laine Mann, Director/Global Congress Lead, Pfizer, Inc.


Although I have been working primarily remotely for the last year or so, I was surprised at how much it affected me when it became mandatory.  Reminded me of the time that Hostess Cakes went out of business and although I neither liked nor wanted a Twinkie in years…suddenly that’s all I could think of and craved that golden sponge cake with the fake sugar filling.  Incidentally, I did get a Twinkie and was reminded why I don’t really crave those anymore.  Apologies to all the twinkie lovers out there.  Mandatory made me feel like it wasn’t on my terms, but rather than curl up in a ball, I embraced it. Read Full Blog

June 16, 2020

COVID19 and the Resilient Millennial”

Written By : Lauren Wood, Exhibit Coordinator at Siemens Healthineers.


Millennials are doing okay during this time, right? I would say 70% of the time we’re doing great and 30% of the time we’re not so great. When it comes to technology and change, we’ve got it figured out. We’re the generation that’s grown up with technology being a part of our everyday life. From helping our parents learn Zoom or teaching our team the new digital platform at work, we’ve been forced to learn technology inside and out. Millennials are feeling a sense of being needed in a time like this because we understand most digital platforms and how to leverage them for our team. We’ve even accomplished learning Tik Tok! Read Full Blog

June 30th, 2020

Reach Out and Touch…. But How?

Written By : Anne Trompeter, Principal and Executive Creative Strategist, Live Marketing


What is the way forward in this troubling time for the healthcare marketing industry? Humans need to connect, which is why F2F events, congresses and conferences have been a cornerstone of our industry for decades. Sharing resources, knowledge, innovation, research; never has the need to collaborate been more important in the face of COVID-19, but never has it felt so out of reach.

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