Dear Members,

I hope this finds you all safe and well. As the days have quickly blurred into weeks and months, I know personally that connection to colleagues, friends, and family–albeit virtually–has been essential to keeping some degree of sanity. We are all struggling to continue the delicate balance of work, home, virtual school, and life in the “new-normal” but for some, the challenges presented are far greater. The need for community is vital and I hope that we continue to lean into one another as this crisis continues.

Regardless of whether we are sheltering in place, or beginning reintroduction, COVID-19 continues to take its toll on our nation’s health and economic well-being. For our industry, we know that the road to recovery will not come easily and that we must work collectively on the path forward. In April, I shared that our focus is on three things: 1) take care of the people in our industry; 2) stabilize our businesses; and 3) accelerate the recovery for live events. On all fronts, there has been an overwhelming response from our industry, but we need to continue our push. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed to more than 14% in the United States, and more than 6 million jobs have been impacted in the events and exhibitions industry alone. Once again, I am calling upon you for support.

Exhibitions Day is approaching June 3rd and we must heed the call to action. Here’s how you can help:

Get Involved

• #ExhibitionsDay, which coincides with Global Exhibitions Day, will take place virtually. Registration is open to all and it is free to participate. The collective voice of many is hard to ignore. If you can – please register, please participate. To register, please click here.


• Post, Tweet, Instagram it. Exhibitions are vital to our economic recovery; the B2B exhibition industry realized roughly $101 Billion in GDP last year alone. Information and infographics can be found here and here

• HCEA will be promoting information via our social channels as well- please push those forward. Collectively our network is vast.

Understand the Issues, Here are some:

• COVID-19 Recovery
• Online booking scams
• List poaching

Connect with Elected Officials
• You can find guidance on letters and emails here
• Additional resources, including state specific info-graphics and links to finding your government officials can be found here

This is our business and it is personal. Join me and HCEA as we do our part to raise our voices and ensure we are heard.

Jeannie Wert
Member & Board President
Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association
Siemens Healthineers