JANUARY 13, 2016  2016-HMS-PPT-Slide-01HCEA will host its 2016 HCEA Healthcare Marketing Summit on January 20-21, 2016 at the Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront Chicago.

In order to provide healthcare convention managers with new tools and data to demonstrate how conventions engage the contemporary healthcare market, HCEA’s Summit theme is Healthcare Conventions: New Challenges, New Opportunities. Conventions are the only marketing channel to provide the opportunity for face to face integration of all initiatives.

The Summit will feature industry experts:

  • Michael W. Young, Klick Health, discussing the new healthcare customers and how conventions can target them.
  • Michael Kelly, president of Kthree Partners, Inc., demonstrating ways to quantify the value of conventions—and how that value stacks up against other channels.

The afternoon portion of the program will be a series of dynamic interactions between attendees working in small groups and an expert panel that will explore how to deliver face to face marketing experiences and engagement– and how buying, selling and using creative and convention services contribute to the experience.Panelists will represent the various constituencies that influence, approve and make the purchasing decisions as well as those who sell services and those who use them to engage audiences.

The anticipated Summit outcomes will include identifying best practices to demonstrate the value of conventions for both revenue generation and customer access.

“We are thrilled to announce this year’s theme, Healthcare Conventions: New Challenges, New Opportunities, an especially relevant topic for our industry today,” said Christine Farmer, HCEA President. “Our lineup of top-notch educational programming and industry experts is designed to provide attendees with key industry insights and practical knowledge to bring value to their roles within their companies.”