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Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association Launches New Healthcare Convention Newsletter, Vital Signs

The  Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association (HCEA) is pleased to provide the healthcare convention marketing community its newest resource, Vital Signs, a weekly newsletter about convention marketing and trends, with a specific focus in healthcare.

Vital Signs was launched to keep those within the industry knowledgeable of news and trends within the healthcare convention space. “HCEA is thrilled to be providing this timely and relevant content within the industry. We know that healthcare convention marketing professionals are busy traveling and always on the go! Instead of taking the time to monitor updates, HCEA is able to do so for them.  HCEA continues to pioneer educating the healthcare convention community and equipping them with tools to evolve in effectiveness with the ever-changing healthcare industry.” says Michael Seymour, Chair of HCEA’s Marketing & PR Committee.

Vital Signs is open to all, regardless of whether the individual has an HCEA membership. With features including healthcare convention news and insights, marketing and design trends, emerging industry technology, compliance, and everything in-between, this publication is essential to everyone in the healthcare industry. You can find more information about Vital Signs and subscribe here.

HCEA is proud to collaborate with Industry Vantage to produce this critical content for the community. “This is a unique newsletter and we are honored to be a part of creating this resource”, says Jeff Tadie, GM of Industry Vantage.