Although I have been working primarily remotely for the last year or so, I was surprised at how much it affected me when it became mandatory.  Reminded me of the time that Hostess Cakes went out of business and although I neither liked nor wanted a Twinkie in years…suddenly that’s all I could think of and craved that golden sponge cake with the fake sugar filling.  Incidentally, I did get a Twinkie and was reminded why I don’t really crave those anymore.  Apologies to all the twinkie lovers out there.  Mandatory made me feel like it wasn’t on my terms, but rather than curl up in a ball, I embraced it.

Working from home creates a whole new dynamic outside of just being able to wear pajama bottoms when participating on any virtual (with camera on) meetings.  For all you multitaskers like me, being able to do laundry, take out dinner from the freezer while simultaneously solving for the necessity of live to virtual is a planner’s dream.  That’s not to say that I would ever wish for this pandemic to begin and continue as it has deeply affected our industry both personally and professionally in profound and seriously impactful ways. But, being the optimist and knowing that our industry will rebound, let’s focus on the positive in letting your multitasker-self shine!

Here’s some tips to keep both your sanity and be more effective while working from home:

  • Pajama bottoms are still ok but keep your appearance professional on the top and on camera as it will give you the sense of being there live and you will come across as such.
  • Always use your camera when you can as it’s so much more engaging and creates a sense of connectivity with others.
  • Take time for you, even if you are also playing the role of teacher to your kids…get outside even if it’s for a 5-10-minute breath of fresh air or self-guided meditation. Schedule this time in your calendar and stick to it as if it’s another meeting.  I recommend scheduling the meeting in your calendar as OOO…out of office.
  • Don’t feel bad if you are doing laundry and organizing your closets between meetings, this is the beauty of having more free time without the necessity to travel to work. Don’t be so hard on yourself for this and recognize and celebrate your productivity on all fronts.
  • Keep as closely to a normal calendar as possible with meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks at usual times and this will give you, and others if you aren’t self-quarantining, a sense of normalcy and allow for ease back into our new normal when we all are having less restrictions.
  • Celebrate your successes Every. Single. Day. and remember you are not alone; we are truly all in this together.



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