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Past HCEA Webinars:

  • Be a Champion with Proven Strategies That Drive Event ROI – Thursday, May 9, 2019, 11:00am PT
    • Speaker: Ravi Chalaka, Chief Marketing Officer with Jifflenow
    • Topic: Strategic meetings at events have a massive impact on business growth. We have found patterns by observing how large companies schedule hundred and even thousands of strategic meetings which have resulted in significant impacted pipeline and revenue. The meetings have a higher value to enterprises than lead generation, social media buzz or brand awareness. In this session, we will discuss what has influenced this shift and increased focus on meetings at events.
      • Key takeaways:
        • Why meetings matter more than ever.
        • How companies have increased the number of meetings at events.
        • Discover best practices and framework to achieve greater ROI.
  • Engagement by Design- Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 2:00-3:00pm ET
    Our Speaker: Errol Ahearn- VP Global Design, GES
    Discover underlying engagement trends from inside and outside the healthcare industry. See examples from US and European regions on how attendees are engaging visitors in unique and memorable ways. We’ll cover high-tech & low tech trends, gamification, photo ops and much more.

  • Preparing for the 2018 Ethical MEDTECH, APACMed and China Codes Impact on International Attendee Participation at US Meetings – December 13, 2017
    Our Speakers: Moderator- Thomas Sullivan, President, Rockpoint Editor, Policy Medicine; Panelists: Aline Lautenberg, General Counsel- Director Legal Compliance Eucomed, EDMA and MedTech Europe, Matthew E. Wetzel, Vice President & Assistant General Counsel, AdvaMed, Christina Wurster, Chief Revenue Officer, Heart Rhythm Society.
  • Event Data: You Have It, Use it Meaningfully. Become a Data Wizard. – December 7, 2017
    Our Speakers: Ashish Jain, Director, Strategic Business Development, a2z Inc & Bill McGlade, CEM, Director of Account Management, a2z Inc
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  • Disrupt or Die: Addressing 5 Trends that will Make (or Break) Your Healthcare Marketing – September 20, 2017
    Our Speaker: David Saef, EVP Strategy & MarketWorks, GES

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  • Healthcare Marketers as Change-Leaders: New Paradigm…New Opportunities – March 7, 2017
    Our Speaker: Michael McLinden, Senior Healthcare Strategist, mck2x
  • European Compliance Rules Are Changing – How Will They Impact You? – December 6, 2016
    Our Speakers: Christine.Sainvil, Compliance Officer, EthicalMedTech & Martin Jensen, Co-President, International Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association
  • Attracting, Engaging and Immersing Healthcare Attendees: Learnings from first-ever industry-wide Traffic Builders Study – November 30, 2016
    Our Speakers: David Saef, EVP Strategy & MarketWorks, GES and Don Schmid, Pfizer
  • The Landscape of Healthcare & Medical Events – May 24, 2016
    Our Speaker: Chris Metzger, Vice President, Business Development, Freeman XP
  • Convention Planner as Marketer: Order-taker vs. Strategic Partner – March 16, 2016
    Our Speakers: Barb Charbonneau, Crescendo EMC & Christine Farmer, Sanofi