CRACK THE CREATIVITY CODE: Discover your FourSight Thinking Profile

This highly interactive session gives participants a glimpse of how they personally engage in the thinking process that leads to innovation and how they can gain awareness, tools and skills to get better results. The FourSight Thinking Profile, which is completed by participants online before the conference, measures people’s preferences for the four distinct styles of thinking that combine to create new value. Each participant has a unique problem solving style. Every profile contributes in some way.  

During the session, participants are grouped into teams and facilitated through a dynamic, fun exercise and debrief before receives their FourSight Thinking Profile. The combination of experiential and cognitive learning generates fun, memorable, actionable insights. It helps participants anticipate their strengths and blind spots as they work through the complex, ambiguous process of solving problems creatively. 

After the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Share a universal language for creative collaboration

  2. Leverage individual and collective thinking preferences
  3. Use specific strategies that increase creative problem-solving effectiveness


Sarah Thurber, FourSight