Empower yourself with 10-year+ trends on attendance, exhibits, space cost, locations and more. Broken down by meeting size categories you can benchmark your own programs or gain insight on trends for strategic planning in context to the size events you either manage or exhibit at. The HCEA State of the Industry Report Presentation also contains valuable insight from member outlook surveys so you can gauge what your peers expectations are for the coming year.

The HCEA State of the Industry Report is just one of the many valuable members-only benefits offered by HCEA.

What do 30,000+ medical meetings over the last decade tell us about the industry of healthcare conventions and exhibit marketing?

  • How are professional and total attendance trending?
  • How are exhibits trending?
  • Are exhibit space costs in step with inflation?
  • Which meeting sizes offer the best value?
  • Which therapeutic specialties are showing the most growth?
  • Where are medical meetings being held?
  • What’s the investment ratio and the opportunity ratio of exhibiting at these medical events?

The HCEA State of the Industry Report is available to members only and is a resource used differently by all member types.

  • Regular members benefit from data-driven benchmarking and trend analysis that they can use for their own planning, reports and identifying opportunities.
  • Associate members benefit from comparing and contrasting their own events against industry averages and gaining access to the report findings for use in their reports to committees and association management.
  • Supporting members benefit by having a resource they can use to support the efforts of their clients that can be used to plan strategies, forecast trends and identify market opportunities.

HCEA MEMBERS: Access the 2015 State of the Industry Report Now

What Will You Find Essential in this Report?

Trends in the Top 50 Largest Medical Meetings are featured to provide a look at how the industry’s bellwether events are trending. The Top 50 are then compared to other medical meeting size categories, which is powerful market research benchmarking data for planning.

Professional Attendance trend analysis for all reported medical meetings, for medical meetings defined by size categories, and for medical meetings defined by therapeutic specialties.

Cost Per Attendee Ratios for Different-Sized Events – The report features fundamental comparisons between different event sizes to determine a baseline “cost per attendee” ratio that all exhibit marketing professionals and show organizers can use for planning purposes.

Exhibit Space Cost trend analysis for all reported medical meetings, for medical meetings defined by size categories, and for medical meetings defined by therapeutic specialties.

Total Exhibits and Net Sq. Ft. trend analysis based on different meeting size categories and therapeutic classes. Exhibit hall net sq. ft. is also measured and reported on in order to measure whether exhibits are trending to requiring more or less total space.

Location Trend Analysis for all reported medical meetings held over the last decade. This section of the report analyzes meeting location data as well as a U.S. salary analysis by city region of the top 20 locations.

Inflation, National Labor Data and Gross Domestic Product are also compared to highlight economic trends in context to influencing trends within healthcare and medical events.

When is the report produced?
Every June during HCEA’s Annual Meeting, HCEA features the State of the Industry report as a presentation that is available twice during the event. The presentation is made available to all members after the Annual Meeting and the actual charts and graphs are accessible to members who would like to use them in their own reports.