Jifflenow Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, produced by Jifflenow, we explore the different kinds of 1:1 meetings; their importance in a healthcare, medical device, or pharmaceutical company’s Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP); and the best practices
involved in planning, organizing, and analyzing these interactions.

For corporate event planners, medical meetings and congresses involve marketing activities that are oriented
towards generating awareness and educating attendees. These events are important avenues for facilitating
one-on-one interactions between company representatives and external stakeholders such as:

• Health Care Professionals (HCPs)
• Influencers or extenders (pharmacists, community health workers (CHWs), and patient navigators)
• Buyers (clinical and administrative decision makers)

These smaller conversations either within the larger context of congresses or in more focused ad-board meetings
help drive company topline directly and indirectly. As a result, the ability to link the management of these 1:1
meetings with business outcomes offers unexplored potential for corporate event planners.

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