Few markets have been rocked with change as the healthcare industry over the past several years. From navigating evolving compliance and reimbursement legislation to understanding
shifting patient demographics, healthcare marketers have been kept on their toes.

To better understand how brand experience fits into the dynamic, ever-changing healthcare industry landscape, Freeman partnered with HCEA and Exhibit Surveys, Inc., a Freeman Company, to conduct in-depth interviews with HCEA members to identify the challenges healthcare marketers are facing in the coming year as well as the opportunities brand experience affords them to activate impactful solutions.

Download this insights paper for findings that include:

• The value of brand experience
• Planning budgets and proving ROI
• Selecting the right experiences
• Incorporating digital strategies
• The role of social media
• Navigating an uncertain industry landscape

Download the full whitepaper “Brand Experience and the Healthcare Marketing Place: Top Challenges and Opportunities” here. Please note that this is a members only resource.